About TripPal

We invented Trippal to help you enjoy your journey in a healthy and comfortable way,
learn more about the features of this neck pillow in the video.

About HybridFlex

Trippal travel pillow is made from a blend of flexible double-layer polyurethane, which we are patenting. It will provide you with a comfortable, supportive, lightweight experience.

Main Features

Neck Support

Relieve neck headaches and tiredness, as well as protect your cervical spine from muscle strain

Chin Support

Support your chin and prevent you from dozing off

Slim Back

Slim and ergonomic design support your neck


Trippal neck pillow is designed in accordance with the human body in mind and each part has been carefully designed to fit the curves of the human body to provide stable and firm support.

Ice-Cool Fabric

A selection of cool lining provides a delicate and cool touch to your skin, which is no longer itchy, reduce the hot feeling and moisture

Air Track

Airtrack eliminate the moisture and hot away and maintains good ventilation around the neck

Wouldn't it be nice to take a break from your travel?
No more pain on the neck, back and no more headache.
Trippal travel neck pollow's presence makes your journey more relax able.
Made from the innovative HybridFlex Polyurethane, it provides excellent firm and stable support for your neck when you need a break, tight sleep, travel using Trippal.